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The evolution of watches through the ages

Watches, silent witnesses of the passing of time, have undergone a fascinating evolution marking the history of watchmaking.

1. The dawn of time measurement: Mechanical clocks

In the early days of watchmaking, mechanical clocks paved the way for precise measurement of time. Appearing in the 14th century, these engineering marvels used complex mechanisms, regulated by weights and gears, to indicate the hours. Watchmakers of the time perfected this technology, laying the foundation for the modern watch industry.

2. The advent of the wristwatch: The era of practicality

The beginning of the 20th century marked a major transition with the advent of the wristwatch. Previously, pocket watches were the norm, but World War I promoted the use of wristwatches for their practicality on the battlefield. This change also introduced an element of fashion, making watches more than just an instrument for measuring time.

3. The era of precision: Automatic and electronic watches

The race for precision defined the third stage in the evolution of watches. The 1950s saw the emergence of automatic watches, powered by the natural movement of the wrist. Later, electronic watches, with the introduction of quartz in the 1960s, revolutionized the industry by offering unparalleled precision. This period transformed the watch into an accessory of precision and technology.

4. The digital and connected era: Smart watches

The 21st century has brought a revolution with smart watches. Incorporating advanced features such as smartphone connectivity, health monitoring and sophisticated sensors, these watches have redefined the concept of a traditional watch. They have become multifunctional companions, merging style and technology into a portable experience.

The evolution of watches through these four stages reflects not only the advancement of watchmaking technology, but also adaptation to the changing needs of society. From mechanical clocks to smart watches, each milestone has left its mark, creating a rich legacy that will endure through generations.

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