Manuel d'utilisation SEIKO MOD - MONTRE A PAPY

SEIKO MOD User Manual

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  1. How to set the date and time on an automatic watch
  2. How to adjust your watch strap

How to use your brand new seiko mod watch!


1 - Minutes.

2 hours.

3 - Seconds.

4 - Date or Day and date.

5 - Crown.

‼️‼️ ATTENTION ⚠️ The crown is screwed in and it is necessary to unscrew it in order to access the settings. ⚠️

The different positions of the crown of your seiko mod

The crown of Seiko automatic watches generally has 3 positions:

  • Normal position: Winding.
  • Position 1, pull the crown out slightly: The date change. (second hand still running)
  • Position 2 pull the crown to the second notch: The time change. (second hand stopped)

How to wind the Seiko mod watch?

To reassemble your Seiko mod watch according to the rules of the art and while respecting what you have in your hands, it's simple:

  • Place yourself in the normal crown position.
  • Turn it between your thumb and index finger upwards (clockwise, handy!)
  • Make around thirty turns to completely wind your watch.

How to preserve the quality of your Seiko mod watch?

-Do not pass the Seiko mod under water when its crown is unlocked.

-Wipe off traces of moisture, perspiration and dirt using a soft cloth.

-If the watch has been exposed to sea water, remember to rinse it with clean water and dry it thoroughly.
Do not hold the watch directly under running water. First put a little water in a bowl, then immerse the watch in it to wash it.

-If your Seiko mod watch is not specified waterproof, do not run it under water.

-Turn the crown regularly to avoid corrosion.

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