Précautions relatives à l'étanchéité - MONTRE A PAPY

Waterproof Precautions

Do not turn or pull out the crown when the watch is wet.

Water may seep into the watch. If the interior surface of the glass is fogged or if drops of water appear inside the watch, its water resistance is reduced.

Quickly wipe off traces of moisture, perspiration and dirt on the watch.

Be aware of the risk of a reduction in the water resistance of the watch due to deterioration of the adhesive on the glass or gasket or the formation of corrosion on the stainless steel.

Also be careful with sand, in fact it can seep into the joints and alter the water resistance of the watch.

Remove the watch before taking a bath or entering a sauna.

Steam, soap or certain components from a hot source can accelerate the degradation of the waterproof performance of the watch.

Do not use this watch for deep diving.

Various reinforced checks carried out during hostile environment simulations (very often required for watches designed for underwater or saturation diving) were not carried out. Use only watches designed for diving for diving.

Do not hold the watch directly under running water.

Tap water pressure is enough to decrease the waterproof performance of a waterproof watch designed for daily life.

Precautions while diving (usual during scuba diving with and without tanks)

Before diving check that...

1- The model must be adapted to the dive

2- The crown is firmly screwed in

3- No anomaly, such as defect or crack, exists on the bracelet or the glass.

4- The bracelet is securely attached so as not to lose your watch.

During the dive...

1- Do not operate the crown or buttons underwater.

2- Be careful not to knock the watch against hard objects, such as rocks.

3- The rotation of the bezel may be a little harder underwater, but this is not a malfunction.

After the dive...

1- Do not run water directly from the tap onto the watch, but dip it in a container filled with water to wash it.

2- Dry it carefully.

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