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Treat yourself to the pleasure of time!

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Satisfied or refunded ! 👍

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It is assembled on the basis of a Seiko NH35 automatic movement with over 40 hours of power reserve.

High quality parts selected for their superior characteristics:

316L stainless steel case
Diameter: 40mm
Strap width: 20mm.
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal


⚠️ Important ⚠️

Before sending, tests are carried out on the watch:

1 - demagnetization
2 - adjustment to the chrono-comparator. Result between -5s/d and +5s/d unlike the -20 s/d and +40s/d given at the factory
3 - Leak test, Check and lubrication of all seals before assembly.


A Seiko Mod watch is unique and therefore not commercially available, assembled by hand using both genuine Seiko and non-Seiko spare parts.
These are not Seiko products, but custom watches with genuine Seiko automatic NH35A movements.
Therefore, we are in no way affiliated with watchmaking houses and are totally independent.

All of our watches are covered by the FULL 1-YEAR WARRANTY.

Delivered with invoice and warranty + leather case offered

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You have questions ?

Can we order a "sold out" model?

Yes via the custom order form or via instagram, only seiko Mods are available for order.

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for EU:

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for the whole world 14.9€

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What is the meaning of the term "mod Seiko"?

The SEIKO mod gives you the opportunity to create the wristwatch of your dreams, allows the option of modulation, which allows you to choose the look of the fashion accessory you wear on your wrist.

Your watch may be
personalized to your tastes in every possible way, from its
bracelet and its dials to its crystals and its hands.

SEIKO is a brand that stands out from all others in the
field of watch modification.

What type of modifications can be made with a Seiko mod?

A Seiko mod is a Seiko modification that alternates style and
look of your Seiko watches.

Seiko produced pendants
decades, and Seiko owners wanted to modernize their
watch and customize them.

This is where modding comes in.

can do a lot of modifications with a Seiko mod, and the
most changes are easy to make.

Seiko modding usually involves replacing an item
of the watch, including the dial, the bezel, the indices, the
hands, hand inserts, movements and bracelets.

You can replace all of these with Seiko or other parts to make the watch unique.

According to the degree of
modding you are looking for, it is also possible to modify or
customize sapphire crystal, screws, rings and case.

Where do the materials used in a Seiko mod come from?

the materials used to make Seiko models are the most
often made of stainless steel, brass, titanium or ceramic.

Stainless steel is the most common material used in the
manufacture of Seiko models, as it is both durable and easy to
to work.

It is generally used to make the casing of
Seiko models and is most often combined with titanium or brass
to increase durability and resistance to scratches and

Brass is another material frequently used in manufacturing
Seiko models.

It is lightweight and very easy to machine and mold for
create complex shaped parts.

Brass is very strong and
durable, making it ideal for model making

It is generally used to make the dial and the
internal components of Seiko watches.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Seiko mod?

Seiko models are high quality watches that offer a
precision and versatile options.

The advantages of a Seiko model
range of different and varied styles, which range from classic to modern,
passing through watches with eclectic designs as well as
precise and reliable movements.

The first advantage is that Seiko models are of good quality. There
quality of construction of Seiko watches is excellent and they
are designed to be resistant to the internal mechanisms even if
they experience difficult conditions.

Seiko watches are
known to last and continue to function for years and
years without any problems.

The second advantage is that the models
Seiko offer precision that is rarely matched by other brands
of watches. Seiko automatic and manual movements are
renowned for their accuracy and are often used by